Sabal Trail completed construction of the Phase I scope of the Sabal Trail project in Summer 2017. Construction of the 2017 facilities consisted of the following:

  • 493.5 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline
  • 21.5 miles of 24-inch diameter pipeline
  • Three compressor stations in Alexander City, Alabama; Hildreth, Florida; and Reunion, Florida
  • Six meter stations in Tallapoosa County, Alabama; Suwannee County, Florida; Citrus County, Florida; Osceola County, Florida (2 meter stations); and Orange County, Florida

The Phase II scope of the Sabal Trail project consists of:

  • Two additional greenfield compressor stations to be constructed in 2020 in Albany, Georgia, and Dunnellon, Florida.

The Phase III scope of the Sabal Trail project consists of adding additional horsepower in 2021 at existing compressor stations.

  • Clearing – The removal of bush, trees, rocks and other obstructions
    from an area.

  • Grading – The process of providing a smooth and even work area to move equipment onto and along a right-of- way. Grading entails leveling, cutting and filling.

  • Stringing – The process of delivering and distributing pipe where and when it is needed on the right-of-way.

  • Welding – The method of fusing metal together with heat.
  • Coating – The process of applying an even layer of coating material
    to the pipe surface to protect the seam from outside influences in
    order to prevent corrosion.

  • Ditching or Trenching – The excavation of a trench to to place the pipe.

  • Lowering-in – The process of placing the pipe in a ditch during pipeline construction.

  • Backfilling – The technique for covering a completed pipeline so that adequate fill material is provided underneath the pipe as well as above it.

  • Restoring – Returning property to the original condition it appeared
    prior to construction. Restoration will be monitored for a period of time to
    ensure proper growth and ground stability.

Quality of Life

Every day, Americans commute to work, charge their phones and do a number of activities that require reliable energy. But how often do we take a moment to stop and consider where our energy comes from?

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Meeting the expanding energy needs of the Southeastern markets and a beautiful environment is not mutually exclusive. Wherever possible, the new pipeline will follow existing right-of-ways to substantially limit environmental impacts.

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Economic Impact

Natural gas is not only powering our lives, but is powering our economy as well. It is anticipated that by 2025, 3.8 million new jobs will be either directly or indirectly related to natural gas.

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