Route Map

The proposed Sabal Trail project will include approximately 474 miles of interstate natural gas pipeline (55 miles in Alabama, 196 miles in Georgia, 214 miles in Florida) and, initially, at least two compressor stations at the beginning and end of the pipeline system. A total of five stations along the pipeline will be constructed by 2021. The pipeline will be capable of transporting 1 billion cubic feet per day or more of natural gas to serve local distribution companies, industrial users and natural gas-fired power generators in the Southeast markets.

A unique feature of this pipeline system will be its ability to utilize, or parallel, a variety of existing utility and transportation corridors (including the utilization of an existing pipeline system in Alabama), significantly reducing overall impacts for construction and operation.

The natural gas pipeline study corridor under review originates in Alabama, extends to Georgia and ends in Central Florida. A connecting pipeline, to be constructed by others, will complete the delivery to FPL in Martin County, Fla.