Our View: Good news and bad in the business sector

Berg officials said the new contracts will create about 140 new jobs in Panama City, increasing Berg‘s staff to more than 300. Under those contracts Berg will build natural gas pipeline infrastructure for new pipelines that will transport gas from Southwest Alabama to Georgia and Florida. They also are building pipe for projects that will deliver natural gas to the Central U.S. and Canada.

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Quality of Life

Every day, Americans commute to work, charge their phones and do a number of activities that require reliable energy. But how often do we take a moment to stop and consider where our energy comes from?

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Meeting the expanding energy needs of the Southeastern markets and a beautiful environment is not mutually exclusive. Wherever possible, the new pipeline will follow existing right-of-ways to substantially limit environmental impacts.

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Economic Impact

Natural gas is not only powering our lives, but is powering our economy as well. It is anticipated that by 2025, 3.8 million new jobs will be either directly or indirectly related to natural gas.

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