As the operating company for Sabal Trail’s pipeline and facilities, keeping in touch with our neighbors is very important to us at Enbridge.

That’s why we contact landowners, business owners, tenants, communities, Native American groups, excavators, municipal officials and emergency officials on an ongoing basis. It’s an opportunity to share important information, hear about our neighbors' experiences, respond to their questions, and update them on Enbridge’s, and thereby Sabal Trail’s, safety programs.

Our robust Public Awareness Program focuses on several key groups near our pipelines and facilities:

  • Our neighbors;
  • Farmers and ranchers;
  • Emergency officials;
  • Excavators and contractors;
  • Public officials; and
  • School officials.

For more information about Enbridge’s Operations and Public Awareness program, please click here.

If you believe you are in a pipeline emergency situation, ensure your own personal safety by moving to a safe place--then call 9-1-1 and the toll-free, 24-hour emergency number 888-568-7269.