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June 2, 2014 – Sabal Trail Draft Resource Reports #1 through #12

On June 2, 2014, Sabal Trail filed the below draft resource reports for the Project with FERC which include collected data about the Project. Sabal Trail will continue to research and update this information – including details about the Gilchrist Westerly and Gum Slough routes as the preferred route for inclusion into the final resource reports planned for filing in October 2014. Additionally, other recently approved reroutes or those still being evaluated will be added as well. These final resource reports will make up Sabal Trail’s formal FERC Application. Right now, they are still very much a work in progress. Route changes and data associated with them will be included moving forward. The 12 Resource Reports are as follows:

Draft resource reports regarding the Sabal Trail pipeline project are available at local libraries and depositories in Alabama, Georgia and Florida. To find a location near you, please review the following lists:

May 5, 2014 -- Sabal Trail Response to Scoping Comments

On May 5, 2014, Sabal Trail filed the below response to comments made by landowners and stakeholders during the FERC scoping meetings.

May 2, 2014 – Sabal Trail Response to Comments on Draft Resource Report #10

On May 2, 2014, Sabal Trail filed the below response to supplemental comments regarding draft Resource Report #10.

February 18, 2014 – FERC Notice of Intent to Prepare Environmental Impact Statement

On February 18, 2014, FERC issued a Notice of Intent (“NOI”) to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) for the Planned Southeast Markets Pipeline Project (three related projects which includes the Sabal Trail Project). The NOI includes a Request for Comments on Environmental Issues, and a Notice of Public Scoping Meetings for Docket Nos. PF14-1-000, PF14-2-000 and PF14-6-000. Docket No. PF14-1-000 is specific to the Sabal Trail Project. The NOI is issued as part of FERC’s environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act and announces the opening of the scoping process.

November 15, 2013 – Draft Resource Reports #1 and #10

On November 15, 2013, Sabal Trail filed Draft Resource Reports #1 and #10 with FERC. These drafts provide general project information, as well as information about alternatives.

Quality of Life

Every day, Americans commute to work, charge their phones and do a number of activities that require reliable energy. But how often do we take a moment to stop and consider where our energy comes from?

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Meeting the expanding energy needs of the Southeastern markets and a beautiful environment is not mutually exclusive. Wherever possible, the new pipeline will follow existing right-of-ways to substantially limit environmental impacts.

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Economic Impact

Natural gas is not only powering our lives, but is powering our economy as well. It is anticipated that by 2025, 3.8 million new jobs will be either directly or indirectly related to natural gas.

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