Community Investment

We’re committed to improving quality of life within communities where we live and operate, and we do it by partnering with organizations that champion solutions for safety, environmental and social issues.

In all communities, as a corporate citizen, we believe strongly in our responsibility to be part of those communities — to give back and to contribute to their strength and vitality. 

Our purpose is to fuel quality of life and we do that by investing in organizations and initiatives that enable impactful and sustainable change. We collaborate with community leaders to identify local priorities and we focus our support toward organizations that champion solutions to safety, environmental and social issues. We encourage and support our employees in giving of their time and talent to make their communities better places for all of us to live.

Our community investments are guided by a core set of criteria. We consider investment and sponsorship opportunities in communities where Sabal Trail operates that are:

  • Within a 10-mile radius of our pipeline right-of-way or near our operations
  • Of prime importance to the community
  • Beneficial to the greatest possible number of people
  • Significant to the long-term interests of the community
  • Supportive of one of our core values that we view as integral for a sustainable community

Our core areas of community investment


Safety organizations and initiatives focused on improving everyone’s safety including: community safety; equipment and training for first responders and people responsible for community safety; and disaster relief.


Organizations, programs and projects that strengthen the social fabric of communities; offer opportunities for citizens to be enriched by cultural experiences, and provide opportunities to learn, grow and lead.


Programs that promote environmental stewardship, conservation, habitat remediation and environmental education.

Examples of qualified organizations:

  • Medical research and infrastructure
  • Community-based emergency services
  • Health-based organizations
  • Education providers
  • Social services agencies
  • Environmental and safety agencies 
  • Professional and amateur cultural organizations

Ineligible organizations:

  • Organizations without a Revenue Canada Taxation number OR non-profit organizations not established under 501(3)(c) of the U.S. tax code
  • Organizations discriminating on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Individuals
  • Religious, political organizations or special interest groups
  • Advocacy or lobby initiatives
  • Recreation or sports organizations and events
  • Trips, tours, or conferences
  • Foundations or third-party fundraisers
  • Advertising, memberships, ticket sales, or lotteries
  • Mass-mailed or non-addressed solicitation

Apply for Funding

Our application form will guide you through the questions you need to answer in order for us to make a decision. When you are ready, please complete the Online Application Form.

Decisions are typically made within eight weeks of receipt of a complete Community Investment application, although decisions on major funding requests may take longer.

Organizations receiving funding will be asked to provide a final report detailing the results and benefits achieved through the funded project, program, or campaign.

Safe Community Grant Program

Sabal Trail’s Safe Community program demonstrates our commitment by awarding grants to first-response organizations that support communities within 10-miles of our operations and projects.

Since 2002, we’ve provided approximately $13.3 million in grants and donations through our Safe Community program to first response agencies across North America, including $1.8 million in 2019 through 350 grants to community first response agencies

Grants of up to $7,500 for safety equipment, professional training or educational program delivery are available to organizations invited by Sabal Trail to apply, including:

  • Fire departments
  • Emergency medical and rescue services
  • Emergency management organizations
  • 9-1-1 centers
  • Ambulance services
  • Law enforcement organizations
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Apply for Safe Community Funding

Applications are accepted anytime at and are reviewed twice a year.

Deadline for the spring application review is March 31, and September 30 for the fall review. Applicants can expect to be informed of funding decisions approximately six weeks after review dates.

As an engaged corporate citizen, Sabal Trail is interested to know how each grant increases community safety. Receipt of the grant and completion of a final report by recipient organizations is one of the requirements of future funding.