Pipelines are one of the safest, most efficient and most reliable ways to move energy resources like the natural gas that Sabal Trail transports.

Pipelines play a vital role in our everyday lives and are essential to our quality of life and economy—moving the products necessary for transportation, heating and cooling our homes, producing our food supply and manufacturing consumer products.

Learn more about the pipeline lifecycle for Sabal Trail’s gas transmission assets – everything from design and construction, to operational safety, and pipeline regulations. Click on the links below to view or download a fact sheet.

Sabal Trail’s Operations personnel are your primary point of contact for operation and maintenance of our pipeline facilities.

For general operations questions about your property, please call 1-407-390-1075.

If you suspect a pipeline emergency, please find a safe place to call 911, and then call Sabal Trail’s toll-free, 24-hour emergency number: 1-888-568-7269.